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Frequently Asked Questions – Whirlpool Baths

We have an excellent technical team who we will help you with any issues that may arise with your whirlpool bath. All you have to do is contact us on the email or number provided on this website, and we will advise you accordingly.

In this section, you’ll find a range of frequently asked questions regarding product, information, payments, and security. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 




How does a whirlpool bath work?

Once you have filled your bath with water, the whirlpool system works with the aid of a pump by circulating the water in the bath through a chrome air filter. This filter then pushes water around the pipework and backs out into the bath via the whirlpool jets, creating thousands of tiny bubbles!

Can I fit a shower above my whirlpool or spa?

Yes, but make sure your whirlpool controls are at the opposite side to the shower.

Can I access all of the working parts?

Before fitting, you can access all parts of your whirlpool bath or spa system. We strongly recommend that baths that are to be sunk or tiled into a bathroom should have access panels fitted for future maintenance or repair. Our product guarantee does not cover any costs for the replacement of tiles, floors, or ceilings to gain access to the working parts of your whirlpool or spa.

Can I change damaged parts such as chrome jets covers?

Yes, you can change all of the chrome covers from the inside of the bath; they simply screw off.

Can I use any set of taps with a whirlpool bath or spa?

Yes, as long as you have planned the correct amount of clearance and the taps fit the perimeter of your chosen bath. If you are unsure, ask your plumber before you order your chosen system.

If I have chosen to purchase an Aquafil, do I need to purchase anything else?

Yes. Each Aquafil system comes with a factory-fitted non-return valve. You will still need to purchase a set of flow valves separately that match the style of the brassware within your bathroom. Your fitter/plumber will also need to supply and fit relevant pipework to connect your chosen flow valves to the valve fitted to the bath.

Does the Aquafil require a minimum amount of pressure?

Yes, the Aquafill requires a minimum of 1.5 bar water pressure.

Can I add extra jets or change the position of the jets from the ones in your image?

Yes, please contact us directly and we will talk you through this process.

If I don't like any of your baths and I have one of my own, can you fit a Whirlpool or Spa to it?

Yes, please contact us directly to discuss our bespoke service. This process carries a small additional charge which we will price on application.

Why do you offer a pump upgrade?

We recommend moving to a larger pump when specifying a large bath, or you have used our bespoke service upgraded to 16 plus whirlpool jets. While our standard pump offers a constant supply of power, some clients require a more vigorous experience when both the whirlpool and spa systems are on full power.

What’s the difference between a whirlpool bath system and a hot tub?

Whirlpool bath systems – sometimes referred to as jacuzzi baths - are for indoor use, while a hot tub is for use outdoors. Our whirlpool baths are completely customisable to suit any requirement.

Is a whirlpool bath just a bathtub with jets?

A whirlpool bath is a luxurious addition to bathroom interiors thanks to its strong aesthetic design and ability to support and enhance wellbeing. Whirlpool bath systems come with customisable jet and LED options for the creation of a product that’s bespoke to you.

Do all whirlpool baths come with LED lights?

You can build your whirlpool bath system completely bespoke, with the addition of 1, 2 or 3 LED lights for the ultimate in relaxing environments.

Do all jacuzzi whirlpool baths fit two-people?

Our whirlpool bath systems can be designed to fit your specific dimensions.


How often should I clean my whirlpool bath?

To keep your whirlpool bath or spa in good condition, you need to clean it every 2-3 weeks using our specially formulated whirlpool bath and spa cleaner. This will ensure that your pipework and jets are kept clean and fresh.

Do you have a technical back up or service team available once the guarantee expires?

Yes, we have an excellent technical team who will help you with any issues that may arise. Just contact us on the email or number provided on this website, and we will advise you accordingly.

How extended is your product guarantee?

Due to our exceptional build quality and high-performance parts, we are able to offer a standard 5-year guarantee which covers all parts and labour. Please refer to our guarantee page for full terms and conditions.


Can anyone use a whirlpool bath?

People of all ages can enjoy a whirlpool bath. However, we recommend the following;

- Never leave children unattended in a bath, regardless of whether it is a whirlpool one or not.
- Pregnant women and the elderly should always seek medical advice before using any whirlpool bath or spa system.

Can I use a whirlpool bath while taking medication?

We would advise that anyone taking medication should seek medical advice before using a whirlpool bath.

Operational Safety

No part of a whirlpool bath or spa should be removed while the system is working. Any maintenance should only be undertaken by a fully qualified plumber or Whirlpool Bath and Spa Co appointed technician.

Are LED lights dangerous when submerged in water?

As with everything in our whirlpool baths, we use the highest quality of IP rated waterproof lighting. It is completely safe to use underwater.

VAT Exemption

If I am renovating a bathroom, do I pay VAT?

You won't have to pay VAT on any necessary preparation or restoration work if it’s directly related to the VAT-free work.

For example, if:

You have a doorway widened, the supply and fitting of a wider door frame and door, removal of the bricks and mortar and the restoration of the damaged decor can all be VAT-free

You’re having your bathroom adapted to install a walk-in shower, the replacement of any porcelain goods that need taking out as a result of the new installation and any necessary re-tiling can be VAT-free

You have an extension to provide a downstairs bathroom; the VAT-free work can include the preparation of footings (including ground levelling), connection to services (water, gas, electricity, and drainage) and the restoration of the immediate décor.

Do whirlpool baths and spas from The Whirlpool Bath and Spa company qualify for VAT exemption?

Yes, however, the bath would be bespoke built to exact requirements. We must understand your requirements in detail. If you require us to move our luxury electronic controls to a specific position, to aid use, additional Jets required in certain areas, fitting an inline heater to help keep the bath warm to aid tense muscles, aches or pains, or the addition of a Chromotherapy LED light to give additional light therapy.

Changes such as the above would mean that you would generally qualify for VAT exemption.

Do you do a range of walk-in/easy access bathtubs?

Yes, we do offer a range of walk-in / easy access bathtubs. We work with the Trojan Bathe Easy range who have a wide selection of walk-in/easy access bathtubs that enhance the bathing experience to people who may have issues with access.

The Trojan range of walk-in/easy access bathtubs qualify for VAT exemption; before we start to build your order, we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Do you keep all of my personal information confidential?

Yes, all your information is strictly confidential.

Do all your accessories carry a zero VAT rate when I buy my bathtub?

No, products such as bath pillows and cleaning fluids have to be charged at full VAT rate. We will, of course, explain all of this to you when we discuss your specific needs. Some items that have to be charged at the prevailing VAT rate would be indicated on your invoice.


Can a whirlpool bath offer hydro-therapy?

Yes. Using water jets as a form of physical therapy dates back to the 1940s. The combination of warm water and massage jets found in a whirlpool bath can support hydro-therapy, leading to improved circulation and relief of muscle aches, cramps, and insomnia.

How does a whirlpool bath system help you to create a spa-like experience?

Bathrooms are spaces for relaxation. The inclusion of a whirlpool bath system offers an element of luxury to help create a spa-like experience in your home. The combination of the warm water, lights and massage jets in a whirlpool bath help to relieve tension and stress in the body. A customisable, bespoke design will ensure your whirlpool bath becomes the focal point of your interior scheme.

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