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Please follow the essential points below when unpacking and then installing your whirlpool bath or spa.

After removing the outer packaging, the bath should be installed by following the bath manufacturer’s instructions. With the pump being an integral part of your chosen product, the only additional work required by your installer from that of fitting a standard bath is to install the electricity supply. 

Note – Certain baths will not accept a pump stand i.e., Armacast, Steel cast. In these cases, the pump comes supplied with separate pump feet. Your plumber/installer should build a platform for the pump, fit the pump feet to the pump, adjust as necessary, and fit the pump to the system.

Note – To your installer – Tighten Pump unions – hand tight only.

Commissioning your Whirlpool Bath or Spa

We recommend that a fully qualified and registered plumber fits any whirlpool bath, spa, or ordinary bath. Note – All baths that have been sunk or tiled into a bathroom should have access panels fitted for maintenance or repair. The Whirlpool Bath and Spa Co guarantee does not replace any fittings or fixtures (including tiles, flooring, or any other associated material or labour costs) other than those covered within its 5-year parts and labour guarantee.

All Whirlpool Bath and Spa Co whirlpool baths or spa systems MUST be fitted with a residual-current device (RCD) or residual-current circuit breaker (RCCB). 

Your whirlpool system MUST be wired independently. 

Do not use the same power supply as other appliances. The wiring must incorporate an RCCB with a 30ma trip, and a switched fused spur. You may have up to four wires to connect, depending on the optional extras you have chosen. Always ensure inline heaters have a separate power supply.

All metal parts, i.e., Legs – must be earth bonded, and continuity checked. Check mains voltage before connecting your system; if the power supply cord looks damaged in any way, it must be replaced by the manufacturer’s service agent or similarly qualified person.

Wiring instructions are laid out below:

Brown: Live
Blue: Neutral
Green & Yellow: Earth
Max load whirlpool pump: 230v/1100w

Spa Blower:
Brown: Live
Blue: Neutral
Green & Yellow: Earth
Max load whirlpool pump: 230v/1050w

In-Line Water Heater:
Brown: Live
White: Neutral
Green & Yellow: Earth
Max load in-line heater: 230v/1500w or 3000w

Chromo Relax LED Light:
Brown: Live
Blue: Neutral
Max load Chromo LED Lights: 12v/35v

Note – The electrical installation should always be undertaken by a qualified electrician. 

Before operating your system for the first time, ensure the RCCB is working correctly. Do this by pressing the test button on the RCCB unit; the RCCB should switch off. If it does not switch off, do not use the system until the fault has been found and rectified.

Note – All electrics within a bathroom must be installed by a fully qualified electrician to current IEE regulations.

Operating your Whirlpool Bath or Spa

You are now nearly ready to start enjoying your home spa experience, but before you do, please carry out the following important safety check before use.

Fill the bath with warm water to a minimum of 50mm above the highest whirlpool jet. Turn the whirlpool on by gently pressing and releasing the on/off button (pneumatic system) or by pressing the whirlpool symbol (electronic system).

During this time, test the air control and any other function, such as chromotherapy lighting for correct operation.

You are now ready to enjoy your home spa experience!

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