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Repairs and Spare Parts

At Whirlpool Bath and Spa Co,  alongside building new Whirlpool Baths and Spa systems, we also offer a comprehensive repair service. We have an extensive stock of pumps and spare parts, covering all systems. Including systems bought from all of the UK’s major DIY stores and Chinese imports. 

Once we understand your issue, we may recommend a service call. We will then advise you of our estimate, however, sometimes we don’t know the full extent of your issue until we look over your system. We guarantee all our parts and labour for two years from the date of the repair. 

We specialise in all aspects of whirlpool bath and spa repair, including pumps, controls, plumbing issues, electrical controls, and inline heaters.

Contact us on – 0333 050 9680

Email us on – sales@whirlpoolbathandspashop.co.uk

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