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Here is our guarantee: please read it very carefully before purchasing your whirlpool bath or spa.

The scope and terms of the guarantee the Whirlpool Bath and Spa Co (“the Company”) guarantee its baths, whirlpool, and spa products for 5 years against manufacturing defects.

The company shall:

Repair or replace free of charge the product or any faulty parts, at its discretion, which shall, in the opinion of the company, have proved defective. The company shall be under no obligation whatsoever to repair or replace equipment which has been modified, altered or transformed in any way without the consent of the company in writing, or a component or accessory which has been replaced by a type not specified by the company.

The company’s liability under guarantee is limited to the said repairs or replacement. It shall under no circumstances extend to any financial loss or damage, including consequential losses alleged to have been suffered by the claimant. The benefits of the guarantee are available only to the original purchaser of the equipment/product.

Where the company accepts a guarantee claim, it will, at its option, repair or replace a component with the same equipment or equivalent. The product must be installed, used, and maintained following the relevant instructions as supplied with the product by the company. The guarantee does not cover any component which in the opinion of the company, has been neglected, misused, damaged, cleaned with an abrasive/acidic substance, or restricted with lime scale or foreign matter.  

No claim may be made under this guarantee in respect of fair wear and tear or where the equipment has been repaired or serviced other than by a dealer or service engineer authorised by the company. The company shall not bear any of the cost of removing or making right any panels, floor or wall tiling or other devices which may hinder access to any component part. Any component which is repaired or replaced shall be guaranteed for the remaining unexpired period of the guarantee only.

The company is not liable under the terms of this guarantee for products which have been used for commercial purposes, hire or reward. The guarantee is only valid and enforceable in respect of the Whirlpool Bath and Spa Co “factory fitted” products/equipment, which is purchased and used exclusively in the United Kingdom and Eire.

The guarantee shall only be enforceable by you if the equipment has been purchased from an authorised dealer and not a subsequent purchaser. 

In the event of a claim for repairs or replacement being made under the terms of this guarantee in circumstances wherein the opinion of the company the defect has not been caused by the company’s materials or workmanship, the company reserves the right to charge the claimant at its current hourly rates and list prices in respect of any engineer’s time and replacement parts. 

No authority has been given to any person, firm, or company to vary the terms of this guarantee.

This warranty is given in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights subject to United Kingdom law.

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