c-lenda™ Whirlpool Baths

At the Whirlpool Bath and Spa Co, we only use the very best products and our c-lenda™ flush jet systems are now available in 6,18,12 & 24 jet options, allowing you to enjoy the high quality of c-lenda™ technology for your whirlpool bath whatever your budget.

Every aspect of c-lenda™ technology has been designed with the bather in mind. From the smooth, easily adjustable controls, the invigorating jet massage performance through to the super safe suction system, you can be assured you will get the comfort, style, performance and protection you deserve from c-lenda™.

The intelligence of the c-lenda™ flush jet system lies within the patented mounting flange. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel this unique patented load transfer device ensures the fittings are securely mounted to eliminate cracking and peeling, which pro- longs the quality and beauty of your c-lenda™ flush jet system.

The C-lenda™ whirlpool system delivers a rich hydrotherapeutic experience. The consistent pressure of the warm water against the skin encourages blood vessels and capillaries to open, enabling a higher volume of oxygen-rich blood to the extremities. The heat transfer also has a sedative effect on the nerve endings, reducing muscular pain and discomfort.

The massaging effect of the jets can help to reduce oedema (fluid swelling) around the joints. They also stimulate the nerve ending receptors, distracting the pain-carrying nerves from passing their pain-inflicting messages to the brain. Endorphins are then released leaving the body in a state of well-being.

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