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Spa baths: Your questions answered

18 October 2022 Relaxation

Spa baths can help transform any bathroom into a calming, sanctuary-like space that’s completely unique and adaptable to the needs of each and every user. ‘But how?’ you might ask....

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Let the light in: How does lighting affect wellbeing?

20 May 2022 Relaxation

Lighting is said to influence us in three ways. Visually – allowing us to see our surroundings clearly. Biologically – through impacting our sleep-wake cycle. And emotionally, through affecting our...

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The future of hospitality is bright, and bubbly

9 May 2022 Lifestyle, Relaxation

It’s no coincidence that popular travel website has a whole section dedicated to ‘hotels with jacuzzis’. According to an article on Business Wire, “the hotel/resort spa segment dominated the...

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How to create a spa experience at home with whirlpool

18 March 2022 Relaxation

It’s perhaps unsurprising after the last two years that the top bathroom trend for 2022 is ‘home spa’. With most of us having spent the best part of 24-months confined...

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Are Whirlpool Baths Comfortable?

22 January 2020 C-Lenda, Relaxation

Are you thinking about treating yourself to a whirlpool bath? Whether it’s for the health benefits of hydrotherapy, the relaxing experience of having your own whirlpool whenever you like, or...

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