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How can whirlpool enhance the hospitality experience in 2023?

The hospitality market is arguably more competitive than ever. Would-be guests are seeking experiences – something outside of their day-to-day. With disposable incomes tight, hoteliers must offer true value for money while surpassing expectations. And when it comes to what guests want, there is one stand-out feature they’re looking for. Hot tubs.

‘Hotels with hot tubs’ is a key search term on Google, returning over 37 million results at the time of writing this post. The opportunity is, clearly, vast. And it’s perhaps unsurprising that post-pandemic travellers are seeking relaxation and a sense of escapism.

Whirlpool bath and spa systems offer the ideal opportunity for R&R in hospitality venues. Because of their ability to be customised to user preference, they suit the hospitality market perfectly, as the experience can be tailored on every use. And when maintained, a whirlpool bath will stand the test of time, more than returning on investment.

Here are just some of the ways whirlpool can enhance the hospitality experience in 2023…

Offer guests a personalised in-room massage with whirlpool  

Hydrotherapy has been used for hundreds of years to ease aching muscles and combat fatigue. To ensure every user has a bespoke experience, we offer a 12 Jet Flush Air Spa, which comprises 12 chrome flush air jets – in addition to the regular whirlpool jets – fitted into the base of the bath.

The 12 extra jets deliver powerful streams of air, gently invigorating and working seamlessly with the whirlpool jets to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating hydrotherapy massage.

Each bather can tailor the intensity to get the exact pressure and distribution they desire. With whirlpool, the spa bath experience is completely customisable, just as it would be when visiting a masseuse.

Invigorate the senses with sound and light

As well as stimulating the body with jets, a whirlpool bath system offers a multitude of other features for enhancing the bathing experience.

Our Chromo Relax LED package draws on the benefits of healing through light, with the high spec low energy ultra-bright COLOUR STOP lighting system allowing guests to enjoy a myriad of changing colours. From warm reds to cool blues, any mood can be achieved with the simple touch of a button. And again, the lighting configuration can be customised on every use.

Going a step further, Bath Sound turns a whirlpool bath into a giant speaker. This sophisticated piece of technology converts any chosen bath into a unique piece of audio equipment, with superb sound quality. The Bath Sound system produces crystal clear sound, and it can also be heard underwater, through the bubbles of the whirlpool. All guests need do is simply connect their smart device via Bluetooth and stream their chosen music, podcast, or audio book directly. 

Make whirlpool a part of your core offering to all

The beauty of whirlpool is that it works around you and your guests. Even down to your bath unit of choice. Whirlpool jets, LEDs and Bath Sound can all be fitted to existing bath products. So rather than having to fully upgrade in-situ suites, they can simply be enhanced.

This means that whether you’re working with bathrooms that are generously sized, or more compact in space, every guest can be treated to the luxury of a whirlpool spa experience, bolstering your hotel’s entire offering in the process.

Whirlpool systems are simple to maintain, and when looked after properly, will last for years to come. When looking to set your hotel apart in 2023, whirlpool is a solid investment for dialling up the ambience without blowing your renovation budget in the process.

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