How Exactly Does a Whirlpool Bath Work?

Are you thinking about investing in a whirlpool bath? The chances are the aesthetics and the experience they provide is more important to you than the functionality behind it, however, it’s always good to know how these things actually work!

The basic components

Simply put, there are two key elements that are the most important with whirlpool baths; the jets and the pump. Depending on the type of bath you go for, there’ll be a varying amount of jets in the tub, and of course, the more jets you have, the more bubbles the bath produces.

In addition to the pump and jets, your bath will feature the water intake and air controller. And of course, it goes without saying that you’ll find all the key components of any bath such as a tap, plughole and so on.

The basic mechanics

The process behind a whirlpool bath may actually be simpler than you thought. Water is drawn down from the bath and then forced up back through the jets in your whirlpool. Depending on the power of the pump, the speed of the water will dictate the pressure at which the water is fired from the jets.  

It is the water expelled through the jets, mixed with air that creates the relaxing bubbles in your whirlpool bath.

The materials

The most common materials of a whirlpool tub are fibreglass, acrylic and cast iron. While fibreglass is the most economical choice, acrylic and cast iron are both extremely durable and easy to clean.

When it comes to deciding on a material, your budget is the main thing to consider.

Closing thoughts

Are you considering purchasing a whirlpool bath but would like to find out more about the benefits of doing so? Read our blog post to find out how whirlpool baths can benefit you. Alternatively, you can view our range of whirlpool baths

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