Let the light in: How does lighting affect wellbeing?

Lighting is said to influence us in three ways. Visually – allowing us to see our surroundings clearly. Biologically – through impacting our sleep-wake cycle. And emotionally, through affecting our wellbeing. Over the last few years, the third point has become a dedicated focus in interior design.

Why is light so important to our wellbeing?

As humans, we’re drawn to light as it reminds us of nature, which, in turn, calms us. The reason the ‘outdoors in’ trend has remained so popular in interiors for so long is due to its ability to affect our mood so positively.

From mirroring nature’s colour palette and rich textures, to incorporating natural light, where possible, or lighting alternatives, designers are constantly taking visual cues from the world around us to create environments that are beautiful and wellbeing boosting too.

How can lighting be used in bathrooms to promote wellbeing?

If there’s one room in a residential or hospitality space that can support our wellbeing, it’s certainly the bathroom. Created with privacy, quiet and contemplation in mind, bathrooms are our sanctuaries. They are places where wellness and relaxation are the top priority.

So, when it comes to designing their interiors, lighting has got to be a focus – not an afterthought. While the addition of natural light is extremely beneficial to illuminating a bathroom, and the mood of its occupier, there are other ways lighting can be used to promote wellbeing. One such way being the addition of LED lights to a relaxing whirlpool bath.

Do all whirlpool baths come with lighting?

A whirlpool bath system is an instant wellbeing booster in bathrooms. And because we know relaxation is completely unique to every individual, we offer a bespoke service on building your perfect whirlpool combination.

While lighting doesn’t have to be included in a whirlpool, it’s something we highly recommend. For the very reasons stated above. Choose from either 1, 2 or 3 LED lights to sit in the sides or base of the bath.

Our Chromo Relax LED package comprising low energy, ultra-bright lighting, allows you to enjoy a myriad of changing colours – from warming sunset to soothing azure pool, working in perfect harmony with the surrounding water as it gently bubbles to reduce stress.

With our lives more hectic than ever before, the promotion and support of wellbeing is crucial. Let lighting lead the way in designing wellness into your day-to-day.

For more information on how we can help create your perfect whirlpool bath system, with wellbeing-boosting LEDs, please get in touch.

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