Spotlight on: Carron and c-lenda™ whirlpool bath combinations

When buying a whirlpool bath, the choice of products can feel overwhelming. As is the case when making any purchase, there are a wealth of brands offering different benefits, features, and upgrades. So, where do you start?

In this blog post, we’re putting the spotlight on two of the popular brands we stock here at Whirlpool Bath & Spa Co: Carron & c-lenda™, to aid in your journey to designing your perfect whirlpool configuration.

Two brands are better than one

The beauty with whirlpools is that they are completely customisable. They truly are the antithesis of one-size-fits-all. And that means that, often, selecting products from more than one brand gets you the best of both worlds. For example, by pairing a Carron bathtub with c-lenda™ jets, you’re combining the expertise of two world-class manufacturers to create a whirlpool as beautiful as it is functional. And, what’s more, that’s completely bespoke to you.

whirlpool jets

Introducing Carron

Carron is at the forefront of modern bath design and as techniques change and new processes emerge it can be relied on to produce bathtubs with skill and precision through expert craftsmanship.

Covering a broad range of bathtub products, from shower whirlpool baths to double ended whirlpool baths and corner whirlpool baths, and across all contemporary aesthetic styles including curved and geometric, it’s one of our go-to providers for style and practicality.

Available as an upgrade to all Carron baths, Carronite™ is a unique, patented, triple-layer​ reinforcement system applied to the outer walls of your Carron bath. Carronite™ creates added strength, keeps water warmer for longer and gives you the peace of mind that your bath will last.

Introducing c-lenda

c-lenda™ flush jet technology was born out of 20 years of innovation. A combination of stunning design, functional excellence, and optimum safety, the patented c-lenda™ jets and operating controls are mounted flush against the bath wall for complete bather comfort.

Manufactured from high grade stainless steel, the fittings are mounted securely, with no protrusion, and no risk of cracking or peeling. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a long-lasting solution.

Carron & c-lenda™ – the perfect combination

A key benefit of opting for a Carron bath is that there’s a size and shape to fit most bathrooms. So, whether you’re working with awkward angles, or need to make the most of a compact corner, there’s a Carron to suit.

The inclusion of c-lenda™ jets only enhances the bathing experience, allowing you to choose size, quantity, and placement. From powerful back and foot jets offering relaxing hydrotherapy, to an optional power boost for customisable pressure.

c-lenda™ also features child safety technology, cutting power to the jets should they be touched, plus an energy efficient, low noise pump for an uninterrupted experience for all.

Our team is equipped with the product knowledge to help inform the purchase of your perfect whirlpool bath. Get in touch today to make your dream at-home spa experience a reality.

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