Steel got it: Transform any bath with a whirlpool spa system

A question we often get asked is whether any bath can be fitted with a whirlpool spa system. And the answer is, yes. Just as bathrooms come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, we believe whirlpools should suit all bespoke requirements. And that includes allowing our customers, and their clients, to choose any bath, made from any material, to become a whirlpool.

Inspired by the current trend for steel baths was our recent retail project in London, where we added a whirlpool spa system to a Kaldewei bath. A gloss white finish complements the stand-out gold whirlpool fittings to offer the ultimate in luxurious spa-like bathroom interiors.

Why choose a steel bath?

In addition to a luxurious, high-quality aesthetic, steel bathtubs come with many functional benefits. They can be hygienic, robust, heat conductive, and resistant to chemicals, fire and UV.

Which are the best brands for steel baths?


Kaldewei bathtubs are built with relaxation in mind – its ethos is very similar to our own. With products coming in all variations, from free standing to corner units, Kaldewei allows clients total customisation. Including the option to include a bespoke whirlpool spa system that is built seamlessly into any of their steel baths – from calming colour-changing LEDs to optionally placed nozzles for air and water massage.

As well as being aesthetically beautiful, Kaldewei’s steel enamel baths provide the added benefit of being hygienic thanks to an integrated automatic cleaning programme.


Also offering a stunning range of whirlpool-compatible steel baths is Bette. With sustainability at its heart, Bette guarantees longevity with its glazed titanium steel bathtubs, which have been built to last.

High end design comes as standard for Bette’s products. And whether it’s fluid curves, bold geometrics angles, a show-stopping free-standing unit or an understated apron bath that’s desired, all elements of form and function have been considered.

To enhance a Bette bath further, our whirlpool spa system can be added, transforming it into the ultimate spa experience. Every detail can be tweaked – from the finish on the LED lights (choose gold, chrome or white) to the placement of jets.

Steel baths

I want to add a whirlpool spa system to my bath

If you’re ready to take the plunge and upgrade your bath (made from steel, or any other material) with a whirlpool spa system, we can help.

The beauty of whirlpool is that the only limit is your imagination. We can help you create the bath of your (or your client’s) dreams.

Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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