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Common Myths Surrounding Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool baths can sometimes get bad press and there are a few myths and misconceptions surrounding them. These myths can often get in the way of someone considering investing in their own whirlpool bath and ultimately missing out on the benefits of owning one.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to list out five of the most common myths surrounding whirlpool baths and provide an honest answer to the questions you may have when considering investing in your own.

Myth 1 – whirlpool baths are noisy

This is potentially one of the most common misconceptions surrounding whirlpool baths as many people believe whirlpool baths are overly noisy, however, this is not the case. The noise that is generated by a whirlpool bath is a result of the water turbulence, a sound which is extremely relaxing and adds to the overall bathing experience.

Whirlpool technology has come a long way in recent years. We fit robust anti-vibration flanges to the bottom of our pumps which helps to ensure the bath is as quiet as it can be without taking away the relaxing sound of the bubbles. So, there is no need to worry about noise if you are considering investing in a whirlpool bath.

Myth 2 – whirlpool baths are expensive to run

Another common concern is the costs involved in running a whirlpool bath. To provide a completely honest answer, it does cost more to run a whirlpool bath than a regular one – but they come with a whole host of additional benefits! The primary operating cost is the energy that is used to heat the water. Unlike taking a standard bath, the water level is slightly higher and more hot water is used. The other main operating cost is the pump motor that creates the whirlpool massaging action through the jets. 

However, whirlpool baths are by no means extortionate and the extra costs involved make for an extremely relaxing experience that most consider worthy of the investment. You can find out more about whether whirlpool baths are worth the investment here.

Myth 3 – whirlpool baths are uncomfortable

Many people wrongly believe that the jets in a whirlpool bath stick out and make for an uncomfortable experience. This isn’t true and our c-lenda jets fit tightly to the surface of the bath meaning that a whirlpool bath provides all the comfort of a regular bath but with the added bonus of a gentle massage from the jets.

Myth 4 – whirlpool baths are unhygienic and difficult to keep clean

Another common concern that people have with whirlpool baths is how to keep them clean, with many people being concerned that they are unhygienic. Provided your whirlpool bath is maintained as required, it is not unhygienic at all.

Day to day use and the introduction of bubble baths, soaps, shampoos and conditioners can contribute to the buildup of deposits within the pipework of any whirlpool bath. Therefore, your bath does need cleaning. The good news is that contrary to what you may have heard, maintaining your bath is really quick and easy! We’ve got our guide to keeping your whirlpool bath clean here.

Myth 5 – whirlpool baths are a legionella outbreak waiting to happen

While this is a less common concern, some people do wonder whether there is a risk of legionella with whirlpool baths. The truth is that there is no legionella risk at all as long as your whirlpool bath is connected to a water system that keeps the water at the optimum temperature. 

Closing thoughts…

We hope this has helped you understand some of the common misconceptions surrounding whirlpool baths. It’s also worth noting that whirlpool baths provide a whole host of benefits, from easing stress to improving circulation. You can find out more about some of the benefits of having your own whirlpool bath here.

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