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How to create a spa experience at home with whirlpool

It’s perhaps unsurprising after the last two years that the top bathroom trend for 2022 is ‘home spa’.

With most of us having spent the best part of 24-months confined to just the four walls we call home, juggling virtual work, school and socialising, we’ve placed renewed importance on our bathrooms.

Although having always been a facilitator for privacy, we now view these rooms as sacred sanctuaries that not only allow us five-minutes’ peace from the aforementioned – but that hold the ability to boost our wellbeing – just as a visit to the spa would.

How can our bathrooms boost wellbeing?

In its essence, wellbeing refers to how people feel ‘in themselves’. Pandemic or not, life can be hectic. And so, the carving out of ‘me time’ in an otherwise busy day can feel like a luxury. We believe everyone should have access to a space that supports quiet, calm and contemplation so that instead of being viewed as a ‘one off’, this crucial ‘down time’ is factored into daily life.

Bathrooms are the ideal spaces in which to allow this. In their very nature they are private, lockable rooms. Once inside, the interiors and accessories can make all the difference. To achieve spa-level relaxation, there are some simple steps that can be taken to instantly upgrade a bathroom from standard to spa-like.

Bubbles created by the jets in a whirlpool bath

Massage muscles with hydrotherapy

One of the main draws of a spa – and something many people aren’t afforded at home – is massage. This can either be performed by a masseuse, or, through hydrotherapy.

The use of water jets as a form of physical therapy dates back to the 1940s. The combination of warm water and massage jets found in our whirlpool bath systems can support hydrotherapy, leading to improved circulation and relief of muscle aches, cramps, and, even, insomnia.

Because wellbeing needs differ from person to person, we offer complete customisation in our whirlpool baths. So, depending on preferred pressure, you can choose the number of jets your whirlpool bath comes with. The result being access to a tailored massage, at home, any time you like.

Jets in a whirlpool bath

Satisfy all the senses  

As well as hydrotherapy through water pressure, there are other sensory, spa-like benefits offered by our whirlpool bath systems.

The effects of light can have a profound impact on our wellbeing. For this reason, our whirlpool baths allow the inclusion of 1, 2 or 3 LED lights, which gently illuminate the rippling water to offer the complete package for relaxation. 

Regardless of your interior scheme, there is a wellbeing-enhancing whirlpool configuration to suit any aesthetic. This is thanks to a comprehensive range of design options available – from corner baths, to inset baths, freestanding baths to double or single ended baths. Opt for trend-led curves or linear edges, and hardware in any finish of your choice.

The combination of customisable water jets, LED lights and design finishes, makes a whirlpool bath the ultimate wellbeing booster in all home bathrooms – big or small. So before you book your next spa trip, why not look into having access to spa-like surroundings all year round?

To find out more about how our whirlpool baths can support your wellbeing, get in touch with our team.  

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