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Why choose a luxury bath? The Benefits of Freestanding Bespoke Bathing

If you’re inviting a little luxury into your bathroom, look no further than a luxury freestanding bath. With whirlpool and jacuzzi bubble jets, you welcome in unparalleled decadence and the look and feel of a boutique hotel experience in your very own home.

We all have a special relationship with bathtime.  Bathtime is a multisensory experience that helps us to return to a more peaceful state of mind and body.  It’s a chance to close the door on the world and wash away the stresses of the day.  Maybe we help set the scene with candles and a glass of our favourite elixir.  Fluffy towels are primped and on hand, ready to serve once you’ve unwound.  If we value bathtime and spend the time setting the scene, we can enhance our experience further with a freestanding luxury jacuzzi bath. 

What are the benefits of a freestanding whirlpool bath?

A custom made bath offers you a more ergonomic experience helping you let go and relax.  Most of us inherit the bathroom in the house we buy, a bath chosen by someone else to fit, more often than not, the previous occupant’s taste and body rather than our own.  How often do we end up with our feet hanging over the edge of the bath getting cold or, worse, our feet not even touching the end of the bath so that we keep slipping under the water unless we brace our knees against the bath sides?   In truth, luxury baths are about our personal tastes and needs being met perfectly while we are both in and out of the bath.  

Choosing to install a freestanding, custom made bath offers the perfect luxury bathing experience because it is better suited to your sensory preferences and body and the bonus is that it offers a decadent look of sophistication and style to your bathroom.  

Discussing your needs and preferences with a skilled design team will ensure that you can lay down, sit up or couple up to your heart and body’s content in your bespoke bath and have the freestanding bath designed to make the best use of the space, and even the light in your bathroom.  

With a whirlpool bath, it is even possible to target specific areas of your body that would benefit from a water massage at a pressure that you enjoy and that feels good.   Soothe that niggle in your neck or tightness in your torso by choosing where you want the jets in your custom made bath.  

While we all understand that a luxury bath is an encompassing experience when we are in it, consider the pleasure to be gained from the wonderful asethetic of a freestanding bath.  It has long been the choice of boutique hotels.  A freestanding whirlpool or jacuzzi bath is luxury bathing, but extra!  As well as creating a beautiful bathroom focal point, there are added practical benefits including the taps being situated in the middle of the tub, which means more headspace at either end for either single or dual occupancy.

A wonderful example of freestanding bathing is the Portofino freestanding whirlpool bath which is crafted with central taps, plus a deep base for the ultimate in relaxed bathing. It also comes with state-of-the-art chrome c-lenda flush mini jets and operating controls as well as an anti-vibration 1HP pump and stand for a smooth, uninterrupted soak.

Portofino freestanding whirlpool bath

Can I only achieve my luxury freestanding bath goals in acrylic material?

The only limit to choosing a whirlpool bath is your imagination. In short, the possibilities are endless.  Acrylic is one option for your luxury freestanding bath, there are so many others to consider.  Steel whirlpool baths are gaining popularity for their ample benefits across both form and function.   Designing for a client in London, we combined a gloss, white steel freestanding bath with stand-out gold whirlpool fittings to offer the ultimate in luxurious spa-like bathroom interiors.  Choose jets to suit your aesthetic from chrome, gold, black and white.  Take a peek into the luxury bathing we created here.

Is my bathroom big enough for a jacuzzi luxury bath?

It’s a common misconception that freestanding baths require a lot of space. If your bathroom is on the roomy side, then you can, of course, go for a larger tub. But if you are looking to install bespoke bathing in a more compact space, a freestanding bath can still work.  

At Whirlpool Bath & Spa Co, we offer a bespoke bathing service so that whatever your requirements, we can build your perfect bath to suit your style and luxury bathing desires. From the style to the size and the number of jets and their colouring to their positioning, we can help.  Level up with ambient lighting, choosing up to three colours, and add built-in speakers to increase the multisensory luxury bathing experience.  We’re here to help you configure a freestanding whirlpool bath specific to your individual needs.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Get in touch with our friendly team.

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