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Unlimited luxury: Why choose a freestanding whirlpool bath?

Freestanding whirlpool baths offer a slice of unparalleled luxury in the humble bathroom environment.

Our lives have gone from locked down to hectic in only a matter of months. Downtime is precious, and with the school holidays in full swing, it’s vital. So, when it comes to relaxing, where’s the best place to go for some peace and quiet? We think, you can’t do much better for escaping the daily grind than in a freestanding whirlpool bath.

What are the benefits of a freestanding whirlpool bath?

Although all whirlpool baths offer a luxury experience, freestanding whirlpool baths amp it up a step further. As well as creating a beautiful bathroom focal point, there are added practical benefits including the taps being situated in the middle of the tub, which means more headspace at either end for either single or dual occupancy.

Our Portofino freestanding whirlpool bath has been crafted with central taps, plus a deep base for the ultimate in relaxed bathing. It also comes with state-of-the-art chrome c-lenda flush mini jets and operating controls as well as an anti-vibration 1HP pump and stand for a smooth, uninterrupted soak.

Portofino freestanding whirlpool bath

Can I only get an acrylic freestanding whirlpool bath?

The only limit to choosing a whirlpool bath is your imagination. In short, the possibilities are endless. While acrylic is one option for your freestanding bath, there are so many others to consider, and if it’s luxury you’re looking for, you may want to cast the net further.

Steel whirlpool baths are gaining popularity, for their ample benefits across both form and function. For a recent project in London, we combined a gloss, white steel freestanding bath with stand-out gold whirlpool fittings to offer the ultimate in luxurious spa-like bathroom interiors. Find out more in our recent blog post.

Is my bathroom big enough for a freestanding whirlpool bath?

There’s a common misconception that freestanding baths require a lot of space. If your bathroom is on the roomy side, then you can, of course, go for a larger tub. But if it’s compact that you’re working with, then freestanding can still work.

At Whirlpool Bath & Spa Co, we offer a bespoke service so that whatever your requirements, we can build your perfect bath to suit. From the style to the size, and the number of jets to their positioning, and even lighting and built-in speakers, we’re here to help design a freestanding whirlpool bath configuration that’s specific to your individual needs.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Get in touch with our friendly team.

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