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Making whirlpool baths accessible to all

Transforming mobility baths into a relaxing whirlpool experience.

Whirlpool baths are designed to add a little bit of relaxation to your day-to-day. The multitude of benefits they offer are far-reaching and applicable to all. But we understand that for some of our customers, bath time can be far from relaxing without support getting in and out of the tub.

With this in mind, and keen to make the spa experience accessible for everyone, our whirlpool systems are compatible with any chosen bath unit, including mobility baths.

Just as with our whirlpool combinations, mobility baths are not one-size-fits-all. They can be tailored to suit any size or shape of bathroom allowing for style and comfort to be achieved in one fell swoop. Here are just some of the whirlpool/mobility bath combinations you can choose from to achieve the following…

Style & safety

A mobility bath can provide style as well as safety and comfort. The Style unit from Trojan’s Bathe Easy range offers a contemporary design with low threshold glass door and full width fold down seat that’s as beautiful as it is practical. As well as allowing easy access into the bathtub, the central glass door also produces a sleek aesthetic feature.

Plus, when it comes to transforming the Style unit into a luxurious whirlpool bath, because the positioning of our whirlpool jets can be specified depending on customer preference, they can be arranged either side of the door, meaning no interruption to your bespoke hydrotherapy experience. 

Everyday practicality

When adding a mobility bath to a central bathroom, in some cases it’s likely a shower will be required in addition to the bathtub. Trojan’s P Shaped Shower Bath from its Bathe Easy collection includes key safety features designed to facilitate comfortable bathing and showering.

Ticking all the boxes across form and function, this mobility bath unit can be bolstered further with the addition of whirlpool jets and even LED lights. While the hydrotherapy offered by whirlpool baths has been found to ease aching muscles, reduce stress, and promote better sleep, light also comes with its own benefits. Because it reminds us of nature, it calms us.

Choose from either 1, 2 or 3 LED lights to sit in the sides or base of your mobility shower bath to transform it from purely practical to a catalyst for pure relaxation.

Our Chromo Relax LED package comprising low energy, ultra-bright lighting, and allows you to enjoy a myriad of changing colours – from warming sunset to soothing azure pool.

Maximising compact spaces

Regardless of your bathroom’s size, there will be a mobility bath to suit. Even the most compact of corners can allow the installation of a small yet mighty unit. Take the Freedom Mini bathtub from Trojan’s Bathe Easy range. This deep soak bath has an inward opening door to make the most of every inch of space available. It is one of the “most compact deep soaking walk-in baths on the market”, and just like the other units in this collection, whirlpool jets and lights can be added to enhance your bathing experience.

On top of this, why not enrich the experience even further with sound? Bath Sound turns a whirlpool bath into a giant speaker. This sophisticated piece of technology will convert mobility baths into unique pieces of audio equipment, with superb sound quality. The Bath Sound system produces crystal clear sound, which can also be heard underwater, through the bubbles of the whirlpool. Simply link up your smart device via Bluetooth and you’re good to go.

Easy access to relaxation shouldn’t be out of anyone’s reach. Get in touch today to find out how we can create your ideal mobility spa bath that offers style, safety, and an unparalleled spa-like experience any time you want it.

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