Whirlpool bath vs hot tubs – what’s the difference?

“Is a whirlpool bath the same as a hot tub?” is a question we’re often asked in the whirlpool trade. And the answer is…sort of. With a whirlpool though, you can enjoy relaxation all year round from the comfort of your home.

A whirlpool’s for life, not just for summer

While the appeal of an outdoor hot tub may be strong in the summer months, the UK winter can be a harsh environment in which to keep a hot tub unit outside. It’s recommended they are situated undercover, to shelter them from leaves and heavy rainfall. But this requires extra space and additional budget.

Sometimes the worry with choosing an indoor whirlpool bath is having a big enough bathroom to accommodate it. However, whirlpool can be made to fit any washroom – no matter how compact – through space-saving configurations, such as corner units or even bath/shower combinations. While hot tubs are generally designed to be freestanding, whirlpools can be made to perfectly suit any location.

Just as with hot tubs, whirlpool baths require maintenance. However, it’s extremely simple. Check out our top tips for keeping your whirlpool spa system in tip top condition.

The great indoors

While there’s a lot to be said for relaxing under the stars, whirlpool baths offer many benefits that make the indoor bathing experience an unparalleled one. At any time of day or night, and all year round.

In addition to choosing the positioning of jets, depending on your desired hydrotherapy pressure, an LED lighting package can be added, helping transport you to balmy sunset-lit beaches or soothing shores through the simple click of a button.

The bathing experience can be enhanced one step further through Bath Sound technology, which transforms your whirlpool bath into a giant speaker. The sound system is crystal clear and can be heard underwater.

Through the connection of a smart device via Bluetooth, any soundtrack can be streamed direct. So, whether you’re keen to create spa-like surroundings, or up the tempo, the choice is in your hands.

Create your sanctuary

During the pandemic, privacy became a luxury. Confined to our homes, the opportunities for getting 5-minutes’ peace during the hectic day-to-day came few and far between. And now, as we’ve returned to normality, the value we place on private spaces remains.

While outdoor hot tubs are a fun way to socialise with others, installing a whirlpool in your bathroom is one way to guarantee some ‘me time’. Something we think should be held sacred in our fast-paced, always-on lives.

To find out more about how we can help your whirlpool dreams become a reality, please get in touch with our team.

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