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One size doesn’t fit all: How to maximise space in a compact bathroom

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. While some are spacious, others are compact. And though they may be square or rectangular, they are just as likely to be L-shaped. When renovating bathrooms, it can be difficult to find furnishings to fit. Thankfully, with whirlpool baths, this doesn’t need to be the case.

Which whirlpool bath is for me?

Whether you’ve been blessed with ample bathroom space, or you’re confined by a more awkward shape or layout, we have a whirlpool configuration to suit. This is thanks to a fully custom service, which allows you to build a bath bespoke to your unique needs.

“I have a compact bathroom, can I fit a whirlpool bath?”

For smaller bathrooms, we recommend corner or single ended whirlpool baths, so they can sit flush against a wall.

We offer many different products when it comes to corner baths, from Carron’s Omega and Oriole to Edition’s Harrow and Plymouth, and Aquaestil’s Satellite and Gloria. Every design offers comfort and style, while being fully customisable with jets, lights and even speakers.

To further save on space, whirlpool baths can include overhead showers, offering relaxation and practicality at the same time.

Our single ended whirlpool baths have the tap, overflow and waste position at the end (rather than the centre), a steep side allowing for an optimum showering experience, and a sloped edge for comfortable bathing while led down.

This innovative design provides the best of both worlds in one space-saving bath/shower combination. Select from 1200 – 1699, or 1700+ length to fit your bathroom perfectly.

What other space saving solutions can I use in my compact bathroom?

As well as opting for a corner or single ended whirlpool bath, there are plenty of other complementary solutions you can implement in a compact bathroom to help maximise space.

  • Choose corner units to go with your corner whirlpool bath
  • Select a corner heated towel rail to save on the need for a radiator
  • Opt for a single ended whirlpool bath with in-built shower
  • Go for a sink with an in-built vanity drawer unit
  • Or even a toilet/sink combination
  • Build a shelving nook into the wall

To find out more about choosing the right whirlpool bath for your compact bathroom, please get in touch with our team.

Photo by Nugroho Wahyu 

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