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Spa holidays – we all need one!

A great Spa holiday is all about relaxing and de-stressing. Alongside offering a range of spa therapies and holistic activities, they also provide the perfect opportunity to just relax and unwind. As you would expect there are lots of health benefits from going on a spa holiday, from relieving stress to improving your diet, which will help you live a more spiritual and healthier lifestyle.

Time to Detox ! This not only rids your body of toxins and everyday stress but can also helps to clear your mind. It allows you to re-boot by flushing your system, removing nasty bad toxins and regenerating new blood back into your body, specifically targeting the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin.

Cleansing your body can consist of daily exercise, nutritious food and detox juices, combining these simple detox methods on a spa holiday can have an unparalleled impact on your mind and body.

We all want to relieve stress, and this is an essential part of any spa holiday, and on any good spa break you should never be short of activities and treatments. These can range from the usual relaxing massages to holistic activities such as Pilates and Yoga.

Full body massages and hydrotherapy such as whirlpool baths are particularly effective at helping to break down all of that tension built up in your muscles, not forgetting the overall wellbeing that comes from just winding down, clearing your mind and dropping of the grid!

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