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Top bathroom trends 2022: Comfort and customisation

We’ve talked about how the bathroom’s status has been elevated in a post-pandemic landscape. And how our washroom spaces are now largely regarded as sanctuary-like, both in residential and commercial settings.

But what does that look like aesthetically? How is a societal craving for calm impacting the way our bathrooms appear? We think, it all starts with the bath.

Top bathroom trends: Comforting curves

There’s something about circular shapes that make us feel at ease. It’s been proven psychologically. They remind us of community and friendship. It’s no wonder, then, that the Covid-19 emblem was a rainbow.

This has followed through into the interior trends for 2022, with curves key in almost every corner of the industry. Whether it’s a rounded detail on a piece of furniture. Or a floor laid pattern. Everywhere you look, there’s a circular edge to, well, take the edge off.

With bathroom trends, this is no different. Corner and rounded baths are very much in favour over their more angular counterparts. When included in a bathroom scheme, whirlpool systems custom designed in this way will draw the eye in and immediately give off a feeling a calm. This, on top of the bespoke design of jets and LED lights, capture the trend for relaxing, spa-like bathrooms in the most beautiful, and functional, way possible.

Comforting curves shown with this whirlpool bath

Create it your way with complete customisation

This leads us onto another key bathroom trend of 2022 – customisation. In the age of the individual, we all want different things. And whether designing a bathroom to suit the requirements of a family at home, or visiting guests in a hotel setting, it’s important to appeal to as many people as possible. But how?

Whirlpool bath systems can be built to suit your exact specification. And that goes from the shape, size and situation of it, to the jets and lights. And we’re not just talking about the number of jets and lights, but the positioning of them too.

If you’re catering to someone with lower back pain, jets can be positioned specifically to offer targeted hydrotherapy in this area. If they’re seeking a foot massage, additional jets can be included to provide pressure to the feet. Or perhaps it’s a full body experience they’re after. Jets can even be added to the entire bottom section of your whirlpool system. Regardless of the user, their needs are sure to be met through complete bespoke customisation. 

Bubbles created by the jets in a whirlpool bath

If you’re keen to build a whirlpool bath system that meets the needs of the contemporary, and future, bathroom user, get in touch with our team.

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